Improv Theatre 101: Learn The Tools

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Mon Oct 17, 7:00 PM - Mon Dec 5, 9:00 PM, 2022 (NZDT)
Thistle Hall, Cnr Cuba & Arthur Streets, Wellington, New Zealand  
Improv Theatre 101: Learn The Tools

Improvisation is a tool to create spontaneous theatre, where the performers work together to tell or act out stories on stage. Whether you want to make fast and loose comedy, faithful adaptations of your favourite genres & texts, or heartfelt spontaneous theatre, an understanding of the shared fundamentals of improv is key.

This is an eight week course introducing (or reinforcing) tools and concepts to grow you into a well-rounded improvisor, preparing you for whatever direction you want to take your practice. Foundational concepts explored through exercises, games, and scene work include:

  • Accepting and Exploring Offers
  • Embracing Failure
  • Yielding and Being Changed
  • How to PLAY!

Additional content will be tailored to the needs of the class, and will be drawn from the teacher’s experience and research in a variety of styles.

Who is this for? 

This course is designed for absolute beginners to start their improv journey, and/or for those with training in a specific style to broaden their skillset. The content pairs with Improv Theatre 102 - beginners are encouraged to start with 101, and everyone else is welcome to register for either in any order, and to revisit courses as needed. Everyone’s improv journey is different and we encourage you to embrace your own path and development. 

Workshops are upstairs in Thistle Hall, top of Cuba Street. There is a lift, street parking (paid until 8pm), and bus routes on Taranaki St, Victoria St, and Ghuznee St.

Participants must be vaccinated, follow all 'traffic light' Covid rules, and adhere to our registration policies.

About the teacher

Jennifer O’Sullivan is an improvisor, director and creative producer living in Te-Whanganui-a-Tara (Wellington, New Zealand). With an MFA (Creative Practice) in Theatre from Victoria University, she is the co-founder and director of Locomotive, the director of the New Zealand Improv Festival and the creative lead for Kickin’ Rad Productions, as well as a freelance administrator, designer, and teacher. As an improv teacher she has travelled nationally and internationally, helping improvisors become fearless and work naturally on stage, while also working with almost every improv company in Wellington. As a performer she has been in countless shows (mostly improvised) with many different companies, including Awkward Threesome (Tastiest Show NZ Fringe 2016) and many more. And finally, as a director, she has worked with ensembles, duos and solo performers in both full length works (The History Boy, Deep & Meaningful, Suddenly! A Musical) and shorter works (Late Night Knife Fight headliners).


"An experience I will never forget. I didn’t expect something that felt like it would be out of my comfort zone to be so wonderfully welcoming and fun. The teachers are caring and passionate, with the knowledge to turn games into lessons and give feedback in a positive, warm and helpful way. My confidence has risen a lot from this course, and recommend anyone who has an interest in improv or wanting to try something new!”

“Jen is a flexible trainer who is able to quickly identify the needs of the group and adapt her workshop to best fit her attendees no matter what skill level. She gives clear feedback and works in both a fun and focused way. I would highly recommend taking any workshop she has on offer.”

“It was a lovely, friendly, safe learning environment full of wonderful positive energy.”

“[Jen] excels at giving incisive and detailed feedback in a super positive way. Her positivity and energy are unmatched and I can’t wait to take more of her classes!”

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Jennifer O'Sullivan

Director, Co-Founder, Teacher
  • Jennifer O'Sullivan
Thistle Hall, Cnr Cuba & Arthur Streets, Wellington, New Zealand
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